Our Story

Wood’s Sandy Hook Store has been owned and operated by Mike and Mary Beth Wood since 1982. The Wood family purchased the business from Bush Parrish, the unofficial mayor of Sandy Hook, Virginia. Bush owned the business for 12 years after purchasing the business from Durwood “Red” Siddons who owned it for 22 years. The location has been a staple of the community for decades.

Scan through the pictures below for a trip down memory lane!

Bush Parrish, owner of Sandy Hook Grocery until 1982
Bush Parrish in 1982, just before the Wood Family purchased the store.

Sandy Hook Grocery in 1982
Snow at Sandy Hook Store in February of 1982

Sandy Hook Grocery in 1982
We’ve always had quite the assortment of items at Wood’s Store. February of 1982.

Sandy Hook Grocery in 1982
This picture is where our Walk-in-Cooler is located today

Wood's Sandy Hook Store in 1982
Bryan Worsham working on a new front porch at Sandy Hook Store in April of 1982.

Wood's Sandy Hook Store switched to BP in 1993
Digging up the old gas tanks in June of 1993

Wood's Sandy Hook Store in 2012
Wood’s Sandy Hook Store in 2012, still going strong after decades of service!


Today, the Wood’s Sandy Hook store still sells a little bit of everything: gasoline, diesel fuel, pizza, sandwiches, groceries, and more. Wood’s Sandy Hook Store also rents U-Haul trucks and trailers, and there is still a Village Post Office inside the store.